I’ve fallin’

July 31, 2009

SO this morning I finally know what it feels like to be a 70 year old lady. I was in the shower minding my own business when I go to reach and put the soap back on the shower shelf. I somehow lost my balance and slipped. When I slipped I fell out of the shower taking the shower rod and curtain down with me. The incident was dramatically reenacted by my little stick figure below. Disclaimer: stick figure anatomy not to scaleshowerfall

Now upon falling I sat there in a daze and Tom ran in to see what was amiss. He helped me up and then offered to buy me a medic alert necklace. Luckily my hip is intact so I’m not officially geriatric but my wrist is a little sore, which I might add is not great when you have CPR training and have to do chest compressions with a slightly sore wrist.


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