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What horrible reality show am I watching now?

July 2, 2013

A while ago I got rid of satellite and have hooked into the hulu, netflix, amazon prime trifecta. I’ve worked my way through what ever talked about and/or acclaimed show I could think of and now I’m just surfing around looking for something undiscovered that I can enlighten people on (I’m part aging hipster).

Enter The Only Way is Essex.

Don’t get me wrong I have a soft spot for horrible reality programs (Jersey Shore, Laguna Beach, The Hills) and this one is no different.  For my American friends think the fake tans and boobs of Jersey Shore meets the style/ fakeness of The Hills.

I’m currently at the beginning of Series 4 – it’s only been on since 2010 and I think they are on Series 9 overseas. I really liked the first 2 and now some of the originals have left.  I find that there are new people that I am not invested in (and I use that term lightly in the first place).  Also I think that it is a shock to my american sensibility that there are much less public drunkenness and catfights and more emphasis on the human dynamics and gossip –  I mean how dare they?

I also have come to realize that a British accent will romanticize just about anything.  If you really listen to what’s being said sometime it’s quite idiotic – i.e. doggy yoga or Joey Essex manufacturing his own adjective for awesomeness-“reem” (think “fetch” from  Mean Girls) but nevertheless you find it pretty damn charming.


I guess British people think of it much like I now think of “Cab’s are here!” – as in I love it!

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