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Mainly it’s hot out therre

July 22, 2010

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Well I’m in Iraq – it doesn’t matter where – because it’s hot and dusty all over. The thing that is most striking is the boredom. It’s not like Jarhead where we only do things in between masturbating (though I’m not sure about the boys) but here’s my personnel schedule…
internet/ skype with the family

Many people ask me how I’m doing and it’s mainly bored…I miss my family and I’m bored. Even when I’m on the internet I’m bored because the Internet is so slow. The only reason I’m writing this is because I’m trying to download some songs and I’m killing time while that happens. I might get a whole album off itunes today. There is not much else I want to talk about – I work every night forecasting and observing weather. Looking for dust at night is a bitch, btw.

So on that note I have been rather successful hitting the gym…considering it’s my main entertainment of the day. I time it to watching Jeopardy, unfortunately the sound on the machines sucks and I have trouble finding one that works. You see it’s hard to watch Jeopardy and not hear the answers. I’ve been trying to do cardio and also work on my abs and arms since my main goal is to look like Michelle Obama and Gwen Stefani had a love child. It feels like I’ve been at it for months and it’s frustrating that I’m still looking at the mom-goo around my mid section – then I realize it’s only been 2 weeks…sigh. Also after an initial binge eating, I have sadly omitted cobbler from my diet. I have been relatively behaving myself in the diet department- I do have a French toast breakfast on the weekend – on my gym off day.

I found there is a P90X class at the local gym – I might start that next week. I’m going to need a band-aid because I will be CUT!

I will be running a 5K this weekend – I hear there are free t-shirts. This is my main motivation…even though I can’t wear them here I can wear them eventually 🙂