saving face…book

July 2, 2010

Here is my weekly public service announcement – not that I’ve ever done one but whatev. I leave for the desert soon so F  — it!

Guidelines for not looking like a douche on facebook:

1. don’t “like” your own comments…I’m not sure what that accomplishes. Of course you like it, you posted it…it’s empiracally implied.

2. Even worse don’t “like” your stuff and then comment when no one else has commented

3. Don’t hate on the fact that I post stuff from games – you might not care but somebody does or I wouldn’t post it.

4. Famous people are not your “friends” stop frontin’

5. Don’t feel need to comment on everything – if you have nothing significant or funny to say just keep scrolling.

6. Just because you saw me in public once doesn’t mean I want to add you.


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