The Bi-polar Twins

June 25, 2010

Fight club

Originally uploaded by NOVIC

I have two little girls – 2 1/2 years apart. Spending a day with them is pretty close to living in a mental ward. One minute things are serene and peaceful as the girls play with dolls. Two seconds later everyone is in tears and failing limbs at one another. It’s like living with two drunk sorority sisters – ” i love you man, you’re my SISTER….OMG I HATE YOU, die!” Ironically both scenarios have the same speech and driving capabilities.

Now I realize that this is the plight of every parent with more than one child – at least that’s what I keep telling myself to remain sane. However I am an only child and so is my husband. I found my self venting this to him one day and we just looked at each other and realize that this won’t end anytime soon, because of course then there’s puberty. God help us all…


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