Running on Empty

June 10, 2010

Well here I am – I’m in Florida. Not cool Florida, the kind with Disney but the other Florida in the Panhandle. This region is also known as the Redneck Rivera…for a reason.

Good News is that I’m back to working out after my back finally healed, bad news is that it’s FREAKIN’ HOT.

You see I’m in the military and they tend to emphasize the whole exercise thing, “fit to fight” and shit. So since I’m here for a training class there has been mandatory exercising. This so far has entailed a 4 mile run and a 3.5 mile run…in 95% humidity. In case you don’t know about this kind of climate that is FREAKIN’HOT.  It’s comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking all night and then running in the morning.

Normally I can handle the run but not so much down here. I felt like an 80 year old lady…ugh, embarrassing.  I have been going to gym on off days so I’m on my way back and hopefully beyond to those Michelle Obama arms and Gwen Stefani abs that’s I’m working towards 🙂 Today we ran again and I fared better but still in the back of the pack. I don’t know what Friday’s work out brings but I know it involves sandbags…and it ain’t no cornhole tournement.


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