waiting to walk upright

May 5, 2010

Unga, The Caveman

Originally uploaded by DeliciousCrochet

I woke up yesterday after sleeping most of the day so I could work that night. However a funny thing happened on the way to the daycare – my sore back rapidly deteriorated and I was walking cro-magnon style the rest of the day. The pain was so bad I called for a doctor’s appointment, they couldn’t get me in until next week.

My back by this time was making me almost cry so I went to the urgent care center. I first had to give a urine sample – wasn’t sure how that related….ooooohhh. I guess they had to make sure I wasn’t Dr. House’n it. But they got me off of work, made it so I don’t have to workout for a week and most importantly, some drugs.

SO my research paper has slowed a bit since researching in bed is more difficult than you’d think. I’ll be back at work tonight so I’ll get more done then.


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