All my facebook statuseses for today in one place

April 30, 2010


Originally uploaded by sitmonkeysupreme

1. I bought red,white, and blue cupcakes at the commissary, you know, “American cupcakes”….Kendall’s verdict, “America tastes delicious!”

2. I turned on the radio to Madonna’s song “Music”…I wasn’t feeling that so I turned to the next channel and got the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen to the music”…so I changed it back to Madonna.

3. I was volunteering at the Virginia War Museum today. I saw a old article showing Hitler and a group of young Aryan boys. Hitler was the only brunette in the bunch. New theory – Hitler did all the just to be surrounded by young blond haired boys.

4. Will this semester of school ever end? I’m really tired of procrastinating.

5. Kendall and I were discussing our trip to the hair salon tomorrow and how short she wanted her hair – she said, “I want it short like yours so I can be a cute little mommy like you.”


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