I need a Witness!

April 17, 2010


Originally uploaded by Aoife city womanchile

I’m one of those people that tries not to br rude to people. Usually when a stranger knocks on my door I do the “duck and hide” avoidance method. Well for some reason a few weeks ago I answered the door thinking it was the UPS man. It wasn’t, it was 2 dudes asking me if I believe in evolution. I said sort of…and then they showed me a verse in the bible that “refutes” it. Personally I think it’s all subjective and that you can take anything out of the bible to refute whatever it is you wish – but I digress.

So while talking to them I just kind of nodded my head until they stopped talking and then they left. Apparently while aimlessly nodding my head I agreed for them to come back. Now this morning we are expecting someone to come over to look at buying our house. A van rolls up, which we weren’t expecting until later so i am furiously tidying things. When I get the door my husband is closing the door..it was the Jehovah’s witness people. crap!!! I don’t want to talk to them and I’m willing to bet they are coming back. Tom just told them now was a bad time…damn it! Now I’m going to take the rude route to get rid of them… I wonder what Jesus would do…


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