Proposing to Procrastinate

April 9, 2010


Originally uploaded by Sian Beeton

In a continued effort to do anything but homework I present this blog –

So my research proposal is due Friday night – well tonight I should say. I’m mostly done except for the two things I dread. My thesis statement and abstract summary. It is beyond me why I need to write about what I want to write about when I haven’t done all the research to write the paper.

I know it’s about selling the idea but since I don’t know everything yet it makes it kind of hard to summarize what I don’t know. Am I rambling yet?

Plus my professor totally got into my head about the “impact” thing – what a jerk – I mean of all things to ding me on…the word impact…really?? So now I’m trying to type something and I feel like I’m typing on egg shells. I’m really trying to think of more to say so it takes that much longer to get back to my task. Well I’m out I guess I’ll just type up some crap, hope for the best – it’s only 10% of my grade, F$%* it!


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