Word of the day: Impact

April 2, 2010

Homework Sux

Originally uploaded by Ein Schuß

I was doing my homework last night and decided to see if my Research
prof had responded to our last discussion board answers. He did – his
comment was

“To what end should your readers care about how McA’s actions affected
the outcome of the Korean War? Is there a larger point about which they
should care?

You want them to know this, what might they want to know from this?
Think about it as you move forward.

Also, there are words you simply should never use. Any version of
“alot,” except “allot,” and “impact” and its derivatives are two of
those. You’ve used one.”

Now to lay some foundation the purpose of the assignment was to answer
the “so what? ” question in regards to our research topic. So the thing
about people caring is a valid point. However I would never use “a lot”
in anything submitted as college course work (and I did not in this
case) but “impact”… really? Somebody better tell the Air Force because
we are some impact loving people!

I used to have a boss (operative word being “used to”..in case my
current boss reads this) and she was a total . I’m
feeling the same way about this guy but I’m going to try to be objective
and channel my inner rage into focusing on perfecting my paper.
Hopefully the only “impact” of this professor will be that he is a

impact: intransitive verb 1 : to have an impact —often used with on


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