resting..well kind of

April 2, 2010

Well it was long but fun week in NYC and now it’s back to reality – and a few 12 hour shifts. One more night shift tonight and then I’m off for the gorgeous weekend!

No plans to run quite yet because my knee still hurts like a B! So in the meantime I’m staying awake at work by doing random sets of push-ups. I’ll probably be absent from this for a bit. I’m knee deep in a pile of suck – I’m in two classes.

1. History Research and Methodology

2. Military History.

Military History is enjoyable even with all the reading and the work load is comparatively low.

Research on the other hand is ridiculous. It’s good to have all the info especially once I get into a Master’s degree but it definitely a test of my focus and willpower in school work. I have to do a research proposal coming up and I haven’t done much research –  topic I chose… MacArthur and how his strategy affected the outcome of the Korean War. I know…riveting but at least it’s something I want to know more about – I’m a dork like that.


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