Adventures with Kristin: Day 4

March 27, 2010

The pens at Ellis Island, main hall. These people have passe…

Originally uploaded by New York Public Library

Another day in the big city – this one was particularly touristy. We got up in the morning and headed to Battery Park. and Holy Crap was it COLD! but I digress – we stood in the security line (30 minutes)…rode on a ferry (20 minutes).. then got to the Statue of Liberty. Well it was really cold so we did the express visit (a la Clark Griswald sees the Grand Canyon in Vacation) and then it was on to the ferry to Ellis Island. That was much better – a big old building with a big old WARM museum. I tried to search for family but wasn’t very successful. Then it was back to gaggle of people waiting for the next ferry back to Battery Park.

The weather was sunnier now but still freaking cold but we made our way up to the World Trade site and then a bite to eat. After resting at the hotel for a little we headed down to Greenwich Village to a little theater that was doing reading of Tennessee Williams’ body of work. We saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Piper Perabo while waiting. We went in and saw a fantastic reading of Night of the Iguana which had Eli Wallach in it and a lot of faces that you know you’ve seen but can’t quite place where.

Now it’s back to the room and bedtime. I’m not sure what’s on the plate for tomorrow but it’s out last day. I’ll miss our trip but it’ll be nice to go home and hug Tom and the girls!


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