Adventures with Kristin: Day 3

March 26, 2010

Hungover (365/128)

Originally uploaded by Jordan Kiley

Day three begin with a hangover – the events of the day didn’t start smoothly or quickly. We were both moving pretty slow but eventually we made it out and had my favorite hangover remedy – fast food and a caffeinated, carbonated beverage. We were originally planning to do the statue of liberty today but that obviously didn’t work out so that got pushed to tomorrow. Today we decided to keep it loose and headed to Chinatown to check the shopping along Canal Street. Well it was crowded and touristy. Also a word of advice – it’s not a good idea to try to buy anything for guys loitering on a doorstep and will be right back with the item you picked out.

Kristin was getting a little antsy with the crowds so we ducked into what was a Japanese restaurant – that’s right in Chinatown. Well the sushi was good but the noodles were not great so onward towards the east village. That was nice – and I pretty sure I saw a famous person..well a actor on a show. It was the guy who plays Jackie’s side boyfriend on the Showtime show Nurse Jackie – google it.

By then were were getting pretty tired and it was starting to get dark so we hopped the subway back towards the hotel and ate dinner #2 and a Spanish restaurant what was overrated. People around here says it’s good but we were impressed with the dated decor and the food wasn’t great. Now we’re back in the room taking it easy tonight since we want an early start tomorrow.


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