Adventures with Kristin: Day 1

March 24, 2010

NYC – Chelsea: Hotel Chelsea

Originally uploaded by wallyg

We had a nice leisurely drive up to NYC. It was raining the whole time and poor K had to put up with that ONE spot on the windshield where the wiper missed.

We drove into the city with my anxiety attack roughly starting at the entrance of the Lincoln tunnel and ending when the car parked outside the Chelsea Hotel – where we are staying. Luckily I just put my nose in a book and prayed for the best! We were helped by former Air Force weather guy, Pete up to our room. The smell pot lingered in the hallway but thankfully subsided in our room. I ate my sour cream and cheddar potato chips while I mindlessly played on facebook to de-overwhelm myself.

We found a nearby mexican place, Rocking Horse cafe that was excellent. My only complaint that was despite vigorously brushing my teeth before bed I awoke with the distinct taste of chipotle in my mouth at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep until I brushed again.

Onward from there we headed uptown to Dive bar where we had frequented last year on our trip. Only one crazy man was noted on the subway who informed us all in the car that we were “fucking crazy peasants”… I think he had a point. Anyhoo K’s favorite easy on the eyes bartender wasn’t working at Dive bar anymore and it was dead so we had one drink and headed back towards Chelsea.

We had a few more drinks at Jakes Irish pub 2 doors down from the hotel. The Jake’s Wild Wheat BTW – to die for! Then we had a smoke with Pete the doorman, concierge, bellhop and some guy who was waiting for food at a nearby place and knew Pete.

That guy – whose name escapes me – is an actor and invited us to a Tennessee Williams marathon at his theater Friday night – featuring William Seymour Hoffman and Ellen Burstyn – and it’s free. So that’s where we’ll be that night!


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