Party like it’s 1699

November 15, 2009

So I hear that our little Nor’easter we had in Virginia got some nationwide media coverage. I say heard because that would imply that during the storm I had power to watch TV.


I worked a night shift the first day we saw the crap come in. I turned on the local news at work at about 4:30am and by 5:00am I was starting to worry about getting home through flooding. They had a crew at a Home Depot one intersection away from the road I go down to go home and that place already had a foot or two of flooding. I took a different way home and didn’t see much other than higher water in the water type places. By the time I woke up in the afternoon our backyard was now home to something resembling a stream in the ditch.

My husband took the kids somewhere so I could do whatever so I got up started coffee and cleaned up the den as I was about to settle down with some Madmen Season 2 on Blu-ray when……power’s out. Oh goody! It reminded me of the sort of adventure of summer hurricanes and just hanging out talking with family. Kind of back to basics. So we had family game night by the light of candles and kept an eye on the heavy rain and winds.

The next morning the novelty wore off. My husband had to try to go to work – since he’d already missed a few days b/c of the holiday and then the base closed because of weather. Now the cold was getting worse in the house and i had two bored kids under the age of 5. that’s no good. We took a little road trip to Waffle House – Mommy needed coffee…stat! Home for a nap, and then once I realized it was still fucking freezing in the house – I picked a Walmart roughly 40 minutes away and just went. It’s warm in the car and kids were content. After we got home we went over to a friends house and stayed warm until our neighbor texted us and said the power was back on. Now everything is back to normal – yea! And I get to go back to work Monday and help with the base clean-up….

On a side note , houses get really dirty when you can’t see the clutter and dirt everywhere do to lack of light for roughly 30 hours.


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