Don’t be late for the date

October 18, 2009

So I haven’t written anything in a while so I thought I’d do something. I have no idea where this is going so bear with me. Well I’ve been working my normal job but I’m also volunteering at the VA War Museum on my days off. Plus I’m going stuff for the parents board at my kids’ daycare.

Well that sounds awfully boring and domesticated. How about we take a break and listen to some music.

You know when I went onto youtube to get that song (good luck not having that in your head the rest of the day) and on the front page was a wide array of Farmville instructional videos. if you’re not familiar it’s like a sims farming thing that has no point other than to waste time. I’m always the first one to get to addicted to a pointless game so I play Farmville on Facebook but videos on Facebook? really? cheats for Farmville? seriously?


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