Parking Lost

August 26, 2009

Everything I learned in life I learned from trying to park. There is a lot that can be observed about human nature in a parking lot and it’s not great. If you want to see this first hand just go to your local Walmart parking lot.


1. People are greedy – People will swipe in and take your spot despite the fact you’re sitting there with your turn signal on! Also they will park in handicapped spaces despite the fact that their only handicap is being an A-hole…

2. People are lazy – They will circle for 15 minutes to find the best spot when they could have parked and walked in in the same amount of time (I call them parking lot sharks). How about this?…you do a one circle and if nothing just park FOR GOD’S SAKE! Also they sit and wait for people to load 15 bags of groceries; see also the previous observation.

3. People in the minority are considerate – Also the same people who give the “thank you” wave and do the “every other car” rule of merging.


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