Movie night

August 18, 2009

I was at work tonight and I had some free time. You see work lets us watch TV but it’s like 10 channels. None of which are entertaining between the hours of 5 – 8pm. So I try to time my Blockbuster queue so I get something in to watch. I typically stick to the chick flicks that Tom doesn’t want to watch so it works out well. Tonight I had a movie about Coco Chanel. I couldn’t get the DVD to run, but that is besides the point because I read the sleeve for it and saw this descripton:

“…young Coco Chanel never imagined that her life would one day become an epic story worthy of a Lifetime original move.”

I’m sure as a youth in 1950s France she often thought that she’d never be subject of a Lifetime biopic because that would be too sky high for her…maybe she’d just be a gaziollionaire, but no, not a subject for a Lifetime made for TV movie. Holy crap someone got a little sarcastic when they were writing that one. I imagine it was someone that never thought they would be worthy of being fired from a Lifetime original movie DVD back cover writer.


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