Thoughts on exercise class

July 28, 2009

I have been to two exercise classes at the local YMCA in a week…one more week and that’ll be a personal best. I try to not exercise but the freakin military wants me to be all “fit to fight”.

So I have been going to the Powercut class which is like a full body strengthening thing… it also makes you feel like you’re in a full body cast about 48 hours after class is over. This class also involves this thing that I have determined to be my mortal enemy – the exercise ball. I mean look, I have really long legs and some of the ab workout maneuvers are wobbly at best, at worst someone across the room gets pelted with a large rubber ball. I’m not saying that actually happened but it came close a few times. Today’s class involved holding the ball against the wall while standing and and doing calf exercise stretchy things which made me giggle because I felt like I was engaging in despicable acts.

Just when me and the exercise ball were making amends and getting along, we broke out the stretchy bands. We did a donkey kick thing with our foot in the band and kneeling down on all fours and the handles of said stretchy band around our wrists. My whole focus was not getting rubber banded in the ass and not so much on the form. I don’t know how much work my muscles got but I did manage to know what Goofy felt like in those old school cartoons.


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