Twitter Conundrum

July 24, 2009

A friend of mine has been giving me a lot of crap lately. He just doesn’t understand why people are so into Twitter. He cites the example of the US Representive that tweeted his Secret trip to Iraq. He wonders why you want to read miscellaneous bits of inane information about people. I’ll never admit this to him but he might be right, just a little. I do the twitter thing and I tell myself I’m getting information. I follow news organizations and get the headlines that way. I don’t bother watching CNN anymore because I roll my eyes too much at there incessant call for more people to tweet them. I also follow a lot of famous people – I like the funny ones that provide a bit of funny or enlightening information. However, I have to admit that I also follow certain people and whiz past there useless tweets in hopes of catching some sort of gossip worthy tid-bit – I’m looking at you Lindsey Lohan! I also keep in contact with friends – but i do the same thing on facebook… and myspace… and instant messenger. I like to think of it as the poor man’s texting. I feel conflicted because it feels pointless but yet I’m sucked in – I think I’ll call it a Twitnundrum.

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