Bathroom Psychology

July 20, 2009

Two Hour Maximum Stay, sign in Bradford-on-Avon

Originally uploaded by PMcC in WashDC

I almost wish I was some sort of psych major however I took one psych 101 class and it kicked my ass! But I digress, I was thinking today that someone should research if there is some rhyme or reason to public bathroom stall selection in the human mind. I know that there is the obvious stall etiquette in regards to a one stall buffer. What I want to know is when there is no one in the bathroom which stall is the most visited. I find that I always seem to go into the same exact stall when there are about 6 to choose from. Apparently I’m not the only one because someone has placed a can of air freshener in there as a permeant fixture. I’m pretty sure that’s not a hint but I changed stalls anyways.


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