my dog is a jerk

July 10, 2009

I know she does this crap on purpose. I mean she eats her dog food and sometimes not all of it. But then I come home and she’s jumped up on the counter, grabbed half a loaf of bread, and took it to the couch to chow on down. Then she’s got the nerve just be all chilling in the other room when I come home. Like, “hey what’s up? nothing eventful happened while you were gone.” Oh really? How about the empty bread bag and destroyed remnants of a diaper all over the place? what a jerk – and then when someone knocks on the door there’s nothing – but GOD FORBID a bird land in the yard..then it’s apocalypse now. Jerk! I know you can teach a dog to sit but I’m about to call the Dog Whisperer on this jerk!


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